The Best Time To Visit Morocco?

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May 20, 2022

The best time to visit Morocco is generally during the autumn (September to November) or early spring (March to April), but Morocco is a year-round destination. The weather is warm, but you’ll avoid the scorching heat and cold nights. Whatever time of year you visit, there’s always something special about Morocco.

Summer is hot (July to August), but there are breezy coastlines and balmy evenings to enjoy. Winter can be chilly with freezing temperatures in the mountains, but it’s the perfect time to experience the Sahara or trek the snow-clad peaks to Toubkal mountain.

When to visit the Sahara Desert:

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With the scorching summer sun and plummeting temperatures on winter nights, avoiding these extremes will make your desert stay more comfortable. Autumn and late spring offer ideal conditions to explore the arid landscapes without melting. Just note that March tends to be very windy and unexpected sandstorms can disrupt travel. Whenever you travel to the desert,pack loose layers to protect your skin and face from the overhead sun and swirling sands. They’ll also keep you warm at night when temperatures drop (yep, even in the summer!).

When to enjoy the coast

Travellers flock to the coast between June and September to take refuge from soaring temperatures. Water temperatures in northern Morocco often hit 25°C (77°F) in August, which is perfect for swimming. Consider visiting Tangier, Essaouira and Taghazout to hang ten at a surfing lesson, join a seaside yoga class or feast on grilled seafood.

When to beat the crowds

Inland hotspots like Marrakech, Fes and Chefchaouen are busiest from late spring to early autumn when the weather is favourable. However, there’s usually a surge in June through August when European holidaymakers take their summer break, particularly in coastal destinations like Tangier and Essaouira where the sea breeze takes the edge off the sizzling sun. For coastal trips, visit in April/May or September/October for a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario.

When to beat the heat

Morocco can get mighty hot in the summer, with temps often topping 40°C (104°F). Avoiding July and August is a good idea for those uncomfortable with the heat. The best time to visit if you like warm – but not too warm – weather is autumn or spring.

Can I visit Morocco during Ramadan?

Morocco’s a predominately Islamic country, and some religious events may affect your travel plans. This includes Ramadan (the dates of which change every year), a holy month observed by Muslims across the world as a time of spiritual rejuvenation. Fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset, so restaurants, shops and other establishments may have altered hours (excluding hotels).

But these disruptions shouldn’t put you off! It’s quite a sight to see hundreds or even thousands of worshippers descend on local mosques for evening prayers before spilling onto the streets and markets to enjoy their iftar (breaking the fast meal).